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LNG: Regions on the Rise

Europe (both Continental Europe and the UK) is generally characterised as a single large LNG import market, and one in which European importing countries collectively compete with the world’s top importing region of Asia. Whilst Europe’s importing nations do share...

Trial Recap - US v. Elizabeth Holmes

On this episode of The Bracewell Sidebar, we discuss the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos trial and the significance of the mixed verdict. To break it down, 11 counts ultimately went to the jury. Holmes was convicted on some and acquitted on some...

Knowing an Insider and Trading Is Not Necessarily "Insider Trading"

Co-coaching your daughters’ basketball team with your brother-in-law and later profiting from buying stock in your brother-in-law’s company is not, in and of itself, insider trading. This seems fairly obvious. On Monday, December 13, 2021, U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton...

The Risky Business of International Projects

On this episode of The Bracewell Sidebar, we talk with Assaad Nasr about the challenges that US lawyers face when they are working on international projects. Assaad is a deal lawyer, who previously served as general counsel of an international...


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