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Antitrust Enforcement in Federal Procurement – DOJ's New Lawsuit to Block a Merger Suggests that Things May Be Getting Interesting

In November 2019, the Department of Justice formed the Procurement Collusion Strike Force (“PCSF”) to focus the government’s enforcement resources on “deterring, detecting, investigating and prosecuting antitrust crimes, such as bid-rigging conspiracies and related fraudulent schemes, which undermine competition in...

What Are the Odds?

On this episode of Bracewell Covered, Vince Morgan discusses hurricanes and climate change with Eric Berger, the host of Space City Weather and the senior space editor at Ars Technica. Eric is a certified meteorologist who has written about weather...

The COVID-19 Change Order

During the pandemic it has become common for contractors to submit change orders to owners seeking reimbursement for COVID-19 related expenses and costs. This is especially true for large construction projects. These “COVID-19 Change Orders” seek reimbursement for everything from...

In re TPC Group Inc: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Determines that Issuance of Priming Senior Notes is Not Prohibited Absent Express Anti-Subordination Provision

Following a July 6, 2022 memorandum opinion from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, lenders and noteholders seeking to preserve the priority of their liens must make any desired subordination protections explicit in their security documents...

The Basics of Crypto Mining Deals

On this episode of Bracewell Crypto Bits, Jared Berg joins host Anne Termine for the first in a series of discussions about crypto mining. Jared and Anne discuss the basics around structuring and setting up a crypto mining operation. This...


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