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SLLs – Greenwash or Not?

The issue of climate change and sustainability has become an existential question for hydrocarbon companies with climate change and ESG pressures severely impacting access to capital for independent E&P companies. The global pandemic has unquestionably accelerated the energy transition and...

Covered: Halloween Special

On this special Halloween episode of Bracewell Covered, hosts Vince Morgan and Claire Cahoon look at some the spookiest cases involving insurance law. Robinson v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co. A couple buys a house, a normal house, like the start...

Diving Into Ransomware

In this episode of Bracewell Sidebar, we are joined by Seth DuCharme for a dive into unique risks and challenges presented by ransomware attacks. Seth is a partner in Bracewell’s government investigations and enforcement group in New York. Seth was...

OFAC Ransomware Update

On Friday, OFAC published a compliance guide aimed at the virtual currency industry, which promotes sanctions compliance amid the rise of ransomware attacks. Similar to OFAC’s recent advisory, this compliance guide is yet another initiative relating to the U.S. Treasury...

EPA's Risk Management Plan With Craig Haas

On this episode of the Environmental Law Monitor, host Daniel Pope is joined by guests Craig Haas and Kevin Collins to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency’s risk management plan regulations. Craig Haas is a senior environmental scientist. He is currently...


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