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Climate Change

Daniel Pope introduces Bracewell Environmental Law Monitor and talks with Jeff Holmstead about the Biden administration's plans for climate change.

Environmental Justice

Daniel Pope and Kevin Ewing discuss environmental justice, its intersection with racial justice, and new environmental law guidance.

Stockholders vs. Stakeholders

Why did Bill Gates start Microsoft? While corporations can be formed for any number of reasons, it seems safe to assume, in the ordinary case, that a for-profit corporation is formed to found a new business or expand an existing one and that such a corporation, having been set up and funded by the initial stockholders, is operated and managed for the purpose of carrying on that business, presumably with the objective of enhancing its value over time. This would inure ordinarily to the benefit of the stockholders, as indirect owners of the business.

ESG Seminar: Best Practices for M&A and Quick Hits on In Different Disciplines

ESG Considerations and Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions - Jo En Low & Ben Martin Quick Hits on ESG Issues in Different Disciplines Cybersecurity - Phil Bezanson Strategic and Crisis Communication - Scott Segal Labor - Becky Baker Environmental...