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The Sanctioned Lenders Problem

Bracewell’s Jason Fox and Rory Wilson examine how recent events, such as the war in Ukraine and the designation of certain financial institutions as sanctioned entities, have caused sponsors and lenders to re-evaluate the sanctions provisions in their facility agreements.

The Questions Around Prometheum’s SEC-Compliant Strategy

Regulatory uncertainty remains a major hurdle in the way of widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. While the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sought to apply traditional securities concepts to the crypto marketplace, the cryptocurrency industry is pushing for specific...

Deals in Africa: 10 Things to Watch in 2024

Bracewell’s Darren Spalding and Adam Blythe collaborated with Energy Voice to produce a piece on trends to watch for in African M&A in 2024, as M&A remains an important means for oil and gas companies to access new reserves and opportunities, despite the challenges.

Compliance Risk After SEC Warning Against ‘AI Washing’

Bracewell’s David Shargel, Rachel Goldman and Patrick Morley write about the enforcement priority coming in 2024 as a result of a breakout year for generative artificial intelligence, with businesses of every kind racing to adopt AI tools. Companies and their compliance programs must take steps now to avoid costly regulatory sanctions and shareholder lawsuits.

Natural Resources: Renewable Energy

Bracewell’s Taylor Stuart , Joshua Robichaud and Catherine McCarthy recently contributed a chapter on renewable energy for the American Bar Association’s Recent Developments in Infrastructure and Regulated Industries 2023 . This chapter provides a high-level summary of notable developments in...


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