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Inflation Reduction Act

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Welcome to Bracewell’s Inflation Reduction Act Resource Center

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) significantly expands the scope and magnitude of federal income tax credits available for energy transition projects — including credits related to carbon sequestration, solar and onshore and offshore wind power generation, energy storage, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and renewable fuels — and provides new opportunities for monetizing these credits.

Bracewell’s IRA Resource Center includes a collection of the current guidance implementing and interpreting the IRA and thought leadership on the IRA published by Bracewell lawyers, providing energy transition project developers and investors with the latest information and insights.

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Energy Communities Resources


  • Appendix A to Notice 2023-29: Metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and non-MSAs for purposes of energy community bonus.
  • Appendix B to Notice 2023-29: MSAs and non-MSAs that meet the fossil fuel employment threshold.

  • Appendix C to Notice 2023-29Census tracts that have had, during or after the year 2000, a closed coal mine or have had, during or after 2010, a retired coal-fired electric generating unit, and directly adjoining tracts (Coal Closure Tracts).

  • Mapping Tool (DOE): For purposes of determining (1) Coal Closure Tracts and (2) MSAs and non-MSAs that have had at least 0.17 percent direct employment related to fossil fuel activities during or after 2010.

  • Brownfields Grant Fact Sheet Search (EPA): For purposes of located brownfield sites.