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2021 ESG Seminar

Tuesday, June 15
  ●    ESG Fundamentals – Origins, Drivers, Frameworks, Ratings,
        Commitments - Kevin Ewing & Tim Wilkins
  ●    Litigation and Other Legal Risks in Corporate ESG Reporting
        and Disclosure
        o    Active State Enforcement -
              Kevin Ewing & Tom Kokalas
        o    SEC/DOJ Enforcement -
              Seth DuCharme & Matthew Nielsen
        o    ESG Litigation Risk - Rachel Goldman & David Shargel
        o    ESG Investing: FINRA Regulation and Arbitration -
              Joshua Klein & Keith Blackman

Wednesday, June 16
  ●    ESG-Related Legislative and Regulatory Developments -
        Scott Segal & Jason Hutt
  ●    International Convergence on Approaches to ESG
         Assessment, Reporting, and Expectations
  ●    The Emerging Role of ESG in Corporate Valuation
         and Finance - Fernando Rodriguez Marin

Thursday, June 17
  ●    ESG Considerations and Best Practices for Mergers and
        Acquisitions - Ben Martin
  ●    Quick Hits on ESG Issues in Different Disciplines
        o    Cybersecurity
        o    Strategic and Crisis Communication - Scott Segal
        o    Labor
        o    Environmental - Matt Paulson
        o    Executive Compensation - Matthew Grunert
        o    Intellectual Property - Brad Chin
        o    Supply Chain and Forced Labor - Jason Hutt

  ●    Closing Remarks - Tim Wilkins

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