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Contractual Risk Management

We design and implement contractual risk management techniques, including insurance procurement and indemnity provisions, being mindful of additional insured issues such as those we litigated in disputes related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster and major wildfires. More recently, we have advised companies in connection with issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme winter storm in Texas.

We take a risk-focused approach to this work, as the activities our clients undertake have varying risks, which often warrants differing contract terms. We use a similar risk-focused approach to compliance, as many companies cannot, or do not wish to, dedicate the resources to audit every single contract that contains insurance procurement provisions. 

Our indemnity work helps ensure that our clients know what risks they are taking on and what risks they are transferring to others so they can be consistent with their desired risk profile. We focus on special concerns such as anti-indemnity statutes concerning construction, public projects and the extraction of natural resources such as oil and gas, along with crafting provisions that comply with permissible exceptions.

Global Recognition for Excellence

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Their leadership and commitment to client service is what makes them stand out. They work hard to understand not only the market and the business, but also their client’s place in the industry.

– Chambers USA, 2019

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Market-Leading Engagements Throughout the World

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