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About Tracy

Geographic boundaries do not confine Tracy London’s practice. For more than 24 years, Tracy has served as a non-contentious construction lawyer in the oil and gas, power, infrastructure and mining industries, working on projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, United States and Australia.

She focuses on preparing and negotiating front-end engineering and design (FEED) contracts; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, as well as engineering, procurement and installation (EPCI) contracts and engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) contracts; operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts; and other construction-related documentation.

Chambers UK 2020 editorial notes that “Tracy London has established a reputation as ‘an impressive lawyer with a great knowledge of the construction aspects of project financing transactions.’” She routinely advises on energy projects, both at home and abroad, and is especially adept at handling matters relating to the construction and operation of wind farms (both onshore and offshore) as well as other renewable power projects. Tracy is also recognized in The Legal 500 United Kingdom as a “wind turbine expert.”

Tracy is considered by some to be the best construction and O&M lawyer in the market.
The Legal 500 United Kingdom


Recent Notable Matters

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development — bid for various developers in relation to a 30 MW/60 MWH energy storage project in Jordan; this project is to be the first utility scale stand-alone project financed energy storage project in the MENA region

Alcazar Energy Partners — EPC and O&M aspects of its four 50 MW solar projects (AEES1, Delta, Aten and Horus projects) in Round 2 of Egypt’s renewable feed-in tariff programme; these Egyptian solar projects are part of the projects recognised as “2017 Global MLA Deal of the Year” at the Project Finance International Awards and the World Bank’s “Best Project of 2018

Eni México S. de R.L. de C.V. — assistance in relation to its procurement for its FPSO project for the development of the Amoca field, offshore Mexico (including the FPSO contract as well as EPCI and other procurement related contracts for the development)

Alcazar Energy Partners — EPC and O & M aspects of the acquisition of its 20.5 MW solar PV project in Jordan; EPC and O&M contracts for  the development and project financing of the 82 MW Al Rajef wind farm project and the 45 MW Al Shobak wind farm project, part of Rounds 1 and 2 of Jordan's Direct Proposal Submission Process (attributed to “Infrastructure and Energy Projects Team of the Year 2017” and “Infrastructure and Energy Projects Team of the Year 2018” in Legal Week’s Middle East Legal Awards respectively)

Ophir Energy plc — engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) contracts, and  O&M aspects via inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) contracts for its $2 billion floating LNG project offshore Equatorial Guinea, including of its floating LNG project; this project, was to be one of the first floating LNG projects in the world

EOG Resources, Inc. — various contract packages, including transportation and installation, fabrication and installation, and other related contract packages for its offshore developments in Trinidad and Tobago

Consortium comprising Fotowatio Renewable Ventures and Arabia Trading & Consulting Co. — EPC and O&M contracts for the project development and financing of the Safawi 50 MW solar PV project in Jordan being procured in Round 2 of Jordan's Direct Proposal Submission Process

Lenders for consortium led by Engie — EPC and O & M aspects for its bid for the 300 MW Sakaka solar PV and its bid for the 400 MW Dumat Al Jandal wind projects in Saudi Arabia

Bidders — EPC and O&M aspects for their respective bids for 50 MW and 100 MW solar PV facility being procured in Round 3 of Jordan's Direct Proposal Submission Process, the 350 MW Sweihan solar PV project in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the DEWA Solar IPP 100 MW Phase II of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, UAE, Al Abdaliyah Integrated Solar Combined Cycle project in Kuwait and the Saudi Aramco’s Fadhili accommodation project in Saudi Arabia

Vestas Wind Systems A/S — EPC contract, long-term service contract and associated documents for the 300 MW Lake Turkana wind project, one of the largest onshore wind farm developments in Africa and the largest single-private investment in Kenya's history; this project has been awarded African Renewables Deal of the Year 2014 by Project Finance International and the African Renewables Deal of the Year 2014 by IJ Global Europe and Africa Awards 2014.

Arabia One For Clean Energy Investments (a project company formed by Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corporation, Ennera Energy and Arabia Trading and Consulting Company) — EPC and O & M aspects of its solar PV project in Jordan procured pursuant to Round 1 of Jordan's Direct Proposal Submission Process. The project is part of an initiative by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to generate 850 MW of renewable energy per year and is one of the first to come online. This project is one of the “Seven Sisters” projects which has been awarded Middle East Renewables Deal of the Year 2014 by IJGlobal Middle East as well as Middle East Overall Deal of the Year 2014 by IJGlobal Middle East.

Vestas Southern Africa Pty Ltd — drafting and negotiating of EPC contracts, long-term service contracts and associated documents for Round 2, Round 3 and Round 4 projects in South Africa, which form part of the REIPPPP initiative in South Africa.

Lenders, investors, developers and contractors — EPC and O&M aspects of various offshore wind farms, including 560 MW Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, 576 MW GwyntY Môr Offshore Wind Farm, 300 MW Thanet Offshore Wind Farm and 165 MW Bligh Bank Offshore Wind Farm (awarded Infrastructure Journal's Renewables Deal of the Year 2009) and contracts for the supply, delivery and installation of onshore wind turbines, the service and availability agreement, and ancillary agreements in relation to wind farms in the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Benelux, Holland, Italy, France, Romania, Poland and Africa (including 300 MW Tarfaya Onshore Wind Farm project in Morocco (one of the largest wind farms in Africa to date) and 150 Taza wind farm project in Morocco)*

SDAG (consortium of Gazprom, Total and Statoil) — procurement aspects of the $25 billion Shtokman offshore development, as well as the integrated gas, condensate and processing aspects of the project in the Russian Federation (to develop circa 135 tcf discovery in the Russian Barents Sea), including in the drafting and negotiation of various offshore EPC packages*

Horizon Nuclear Power (the RWE and E.ON joint venture) — procurement and construction arrangements for up to 6 GW of new nuclear power plants in the U.K., including the drafting and negotiation of appointment of the various consultants, early works agreements, the documentation for the tender process for the choice of technology vendor, FEED agreements, stage agreements, preferred vendor arrangements and EPC contracts*

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd — advice, drafting and negotiating of multiple interlinking FEED contracts, EPC contracts and technology related contracts (engineering agreements, license agreements and guarantee agreements) in connection with the Rabigh refinery expansion and petrochemical project in Saudi Arabia (with a total project value of circa $9.8 billion, Rabigh is one of the world's largest integrated refinery and petrochemical complexes)*

BG Tunisia — advice, drafting and negotiating of an EPC contract relating to a 515 MW CCGT power station in Tunisia, including addressing issues arising in the EPC contract from the Power Purchase Agreement and the Concession Agreement*

Developers and lenders — construction and O&M aspects of proposed biomass facilities in the U.K., including a proposed 300 MW facility; EPC contracts, O&M contracts (including related ancillary documents such as warranty packages) for various solar projects, including ground mounted PV portfolios and roof top residential solar portfolios and the construction and O&M aspects of various hydroelectric facilities, including the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (approximately 165 MW capacity) to be located in South America *

Lenders — construction and O&M aspects of a $1.24 billion oil refinery upgrade and expansion in Costa Rica*

ABN Amro and Rand Merchant Bank — EPC Contracts and O&M contracts for the project financing for two peaking power stations in South Africa (these were to be the first two IPP projects in South Africa)*

Developer — construction aspects of US$15 billion refinery, petrochemical and gas-processing complex*

Syndicate of lenders comprising emerging market funds and hedge funds — construction aspects of the project financing of the $216 million Jabaili Zinc Oxide mine in Yemen (this was the first project finance transaction to close in Yemen) *

Western Mining Corporation — advising, drafting and negotiating of the construction and O&M aspects of the $2 billion project for the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine in South Australia for mining of uranium, gold, silver and copper*

* Work completed prior to Bracewell

Publications and Speeches

“Programmes for African and the Middle East,” Energy World, September 2015.

“Nuts and Bolts of Project Financing – A Key Issues Workshop,” Middle East Solar Industry Association’s Renewable Energy Trade Mission, April 2015.

“Public - Private Sector Partnerships,” The Construction Law Handbook, ed. Thomas Telford (first published 2000).



Bond University,
with first class honours
Bond University,

Bar Admissions

Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales
Solicitor in Queensland, Australia and Western Australia



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The Government of Egypt has said that it must invest US$12 billion in the electricity sector over the next five years in order to meet the country's urgent electricity demands. Renewable energy will be a key component, with investment in the sector anticipated to exceed US$10 billion. In recent years, renewable energy projects in Egypt have been developed under four separate schemes. Two have followed a competitive bid process. Under the first scheme, the New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) procured 750 MW of wind power capacity and a further 10 MW of solar capacity. Under the second...

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Construction law can be something of a dark art - there isn't a day that goes by where the humble construction lawyer isn't presented with a bit of a head-scratcher. Take liquidated damages, for example. It's clear that an LDs provision shouldn't seek to penalise the offending party. It's also clear that LDs should represent a "˜genuine pre-estimate' of the innocent party's loss following breach. So until recently, the well-advised client would make a reasonable effort to assess the likely losses as a result of a particular breach, describe them clearly in the contract and keep records...

Kenya's Lake Turkana Wind Power Project Lights the Way for the East African Power Market

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Kenya is East Africa's largest economy, yet it faces a power supply crisis. Per capita, it generates barely 4% of the power generated by South Africa. Only 18% of the population has access to electricity and, even for this fortunate minority, rationing and blackouts remain a daily reality. The Kenyan Government has ambitious development goals for the country, seeking to achieve annual double-digit growth and to "˜create a prosperous and globally competitive nation with a high quality of life by the year 2030'. There is certainly plenty of cause for optimism. Politically, the country is...

Has the Sun been Shining too Brightly in the UK?

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Last week (13 th May) the Department of Energy & Climate Change (" DECC ") unveiled proposals to " maintain the growing momentum behind renewable electricity investment in the UK, while continuing to deliver value for money for consumers. " DECC's paper [1] has been published to consult with the industry regarding the financial support available for solar power generation. Whilst it has been recognised that solar photovoltaic (PV) is an important part of the UK's energy mix, the sector's growth in recent years is considered to be already significantly ahead of expectations. In 2013, the...

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A flood of bids reportedly delayed the announcement on the South African Government's announcement on its final list of preferred bidders in the Round 3 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) from the originally scheduled date of 29th October. Whilst, according to the Department of Energy's statement, 17 bids had been selected in the government's initial wave of preferred bidders out of a total of 93 bids received, the large number of bids received has resulted in a delay. A final decision was expected to be made by 20th November but is now...

Vestas Completes Factory Testing of World's Most Powerful Wind Turbine

December 4, 2013

Interesting developments for the offshore wind market are on the horizon with Vestas today having completed its extensive testing of what will be the world's most powerful wind turbine - the Vestas V164 - 8 MW with the nacelle weighing in at a massive 390 tons and being 20 metres long. Whilst the prototype is to be installed and tested to ensure reliability and performance in the early part of 2014, a turbine with this capacity is what the offshore wind market has been waiting for, making future offshore wind projects much more commercially viable compared to the current offshore wind farms...



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