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Placement Assistance, Policy Reviews & Program Audits

The best way to ensure an insurance recovery is to get it right from the very beginning.

We work closely with our corporate clients, as well as their brokers and other advisors, to evaluate potential exposures and proposed policy wording when needed. Our team provides assessments at all levels of coverage, helping to seek enhancements when possible and ensuring that our clients are comfortable with their programs. When necessary, we provide guidance and counsel for clients as they deal with their brokers and insurers.

Our experience in handling coverage disputes combined with an understanding of market indicators, assists our clients in identifying improvements in policy language. As situations change over the course of time, we help clients understand what is attainable depending on the policy language and provide advice as to what may be achievable enhancements to their coverage.

Should a dispute arise, our team is highly capable of advocating and litigating for coverage rights, contributing to our clients’ bottom line by obtaining recoveries.

Insurance policies that we routinely review include:

  • property and business interruption
  • product contamination and recall coverage
  • reps and warranties
  • D&O, E&O, fiduciary and other professional lines
  • construction, including OCIPs and CCIPs
  • cyber insurance
  • pollution liability insurance
  • other specialty coverages

Global Recognition for Excellence

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Their leadership and commitment to client service is what makes them stand out. They work hard to understand not only the market and the business, but also their client’s place in the industry.

– Chambers USA, 2019

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Market-Leading Engagements Throughout the World

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