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Cyber preparedness is necessary to mitigate the risk arising from a cyberattack. With the proliferation of e-commerce, electronic record keeping, and improved data collection techniques, the incidence of cyber intrusions have increased such that it is not a question of whether a data breach for any given system will occur, but when. Twenty-first century data breaches involve sophisticated attacks on the network and information systems which underpin modern commercial and corporate activities for companies of all sizes. This malicious activity affects all types of entities including retail companies, financial institutions, investment advisors, energy companies, governmental agencies and other commercial or business ventures. 

At Bracewell, we work with our clients to develop and implement individualized privacy solutions that enable our clients to stay compliant with regulations throughout the US and globally. We counsel clients from the development of their compliance program through a security breach. We work with all departments, including compliance, human resources, security, information technology, and legal to ensure that privacy solutions meet our client's overall organizational needs. Our team's cross-practice approach means that we are thinking about privacy across different industries and in different contexts. 


Recent Notable Matters

Global asset management firm — drafting of an information security policy and an incident response plan

Oil and gas exploration and production company — assisting with cyber preparedness matters

Privately owned real estate firm — drafting of an information security policy and management of the fallout of the loss of personally identifiable information (PII)

Real estate investment firm — client was victimized by a cyberattack

Retailer — management of government relations and strategic communications after the detection of an external data breach