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Texas Oilwell Co. Loses Trade Secrets Trial Against Rival

Vita International Inc. was dealt a loss in its trade secrets lawsuit against rival Foro Energy Inc. after a Texas federal judge ruled that Vita’s conceptual drawings of a deployment wheel were “generally known” in the oil and gas industries, and thus not a trade secret.

Vita’s concept of a deployment wheel that guides lasers into a wellbore, including a particular feature that loads umbilicals onto the device from the side, is “not a novel or unique concept” to qualify for trade secret protection, US District Judge Keith P. Ellison said in an order Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

The ruling comes after a four-day bench trial in August 2021.

Foro Energy is represented by Christopher L. Dodson, Andrew W. ZeveKyle A. Mason and William A. Moss of Bracewell.

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