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New Law Could Generate Business for New Jersey Attorneys—But Questions Remain

New Jersey recently joined six other states in enacting a food-waste recycling law requiring some large generators of food waste to establish a recycling program.

Bracewell’s Michael Recchia, who advises operators of new food recycling plants on their eligibility for federal and state tax incentives, told New Jersey Law Journal reporter Charles Toutant that he anticipates rising demand for law services with the anticipated growth of food recycling plants in New Jersey.

“I think there’s room for attorneys in every domain to get involved in this process. It implicates attorneys like myself who are focused on the tax impact. It impacts finance attorneys who will be helping municipalities and private companies raise funds to build these facilities,” said Recchia. “It implicates environmental attorneys who, when these facilities are built, have to make sure they comply with all the environmental laws. And the list goes on. I think this is a very large opportunity for New Jersey.”

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