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Law360 Project Finance MVP: Bracewell’s Ron I. Erlichman

Ron Erlichman 2018 Law360 MVP

Law360 recently honored Bracewell’s Ron Erlichman as a Project Finance MVP for 2018. Playing a significant role in Erlichman’s selection was representing AP Energy Holdings Inc. and South Field Energy LLC on the $1.3 billion financing and equity arrangements for the 1,182 megawatt South Field Energy project in Ohio. Erlichman described the transaction as “rewarding” since Bracewell was able to showcase the firm’s unique ability to provide energy commodity, regulatory, environmental strategies, tax and policy advice all on one transaction.

Erlichman’s advice to younger lawyers in the project finance space is to try and stay ahead of the market to be successful long term because the markets are constantly evolving.

Download and read his complete Law360 profile.