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IBM Must Pay $16M in Atty Fees to ‘Exploited’ Software Co.

A Texas federal judge on August 8, 2022, ordered IBM to pay more than $16 million in attorney fees for Houston-based software company BMC, an award that comes in the wake of a $1.6 billion judgment against IBM for breaching a licensing agreement and “exploiting” BMC.

U.S. District Judge Gray H. Miller held that BMC was entitled to $16.3 million in attorney fees, $4 million in litigation costs and $1.2 million in post-judgment and conditional appellate expenses.

Judge Miller said that Bracewell LLP “achieved excellent results for its client after nearly five years” of work.

Bracewell’s Sean Gorman said in a statement that he took the case to trial “with confidence in our team and in our case.”

BMC is represented by Gorman, Christopher L. Dodson, Jeff OldhamTimothy R. GeigerDrewe E. MolinKyle A. Mason, Matthew Reasoner, Walter A. Simons and Cole Thoms.

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