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Bracewell Summer Associate Attends LCLD 1L Scholars Summit

More than 200 1L Scholars from all over the U.S. started their summer internships at LCLD Member organizations by attending the 2017 1L LCLD Scholars Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from May 23-25, 2017. The 1L Scholars were individually selected by LCLD Member firms to Shih Head Shotparticipate. Bracewell summer associate Jocelyn Shih was chosen to attend on behalf of the firm. Shih is a summer associate in the firm’s New York office and is a student at New York University School of Law.

“The 2017 1L LCLD Scholars Summit was a fantastic opportunity to learn from accomplished attorneys, meet friends from diverse backgrounds, and reflect on our career goals,” said Shih. “The speakers were engaging, entertaining, and inspiring.”

The 1L LCLD Scholars Program aims to strengthen the legal pipeline by expanding the number of opportunities for diverse first-year law students. This program gives law students the rare opportunity to work side-by-side with attorneys from LCLD Member organizations and provides them with valuable professional experiences. The summit began with a series of mock interviews conducted by lawyers from LCLD Member law firms, followed by a full two-day agenda of presentations, networking exercises, panel discussions, and social interaction.

“The highlights of the summit were the panel discussion featuring diverse attorneys, a presentation titled ‘Advice to My Former Self for Future Success,’ and bowling,” added Shih. “The panelists taught us the importance of being curious, gritty, and kind. The speakers taught us the importance of being genuine and finding advocates—not just mentors. And my new friends taught me that there’s no shame in using bumpers while bowling.”

Launched in 2011 and led by Sandra Leung, General Counsel of Bristol-Myers Squibb, the 1L LCLD Scholars Program has already put hundreds of young attorneys on a path to leadership through law school and beyond.

Shih commented on how the summit benefited her because she was able to reflect on her goals and as an individual woman of color. The speakers encouraged attendees to feel confident by focusing on what they are proud of, by thoroughly preparing themselves, and by taking action.

“Even today, I feel more inspired and empowered,” concluded Shih. “I also benefited from the summit because I met a new group of ambitious, articulate, and fun friends.”