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Bracewell Successfully Tries Title Dispute for Juno Energy

HOUSTON – Bracewell LLP represented Juno Energy in the successful trial of a title dispute involving oil and gas properties in Crosby County, Texas.

Juno Energy is an exploration and production company that drilled more than 400 wells throughout a large oilfield in west Texas. After Juno drilled 12 wells on a particular tract of land, two separate entities claimed ownership of the mineral leasehold estate for that tract.

The two parties alleged that Juno had trespassed in bad faith and sought a declaration of title to the tract, ownership of the wells and other improvements made by Juno, as well as recovery of the millions of dollars of revenue generated by oil production on the property.

On the second day of trial, Bracewell secured a settlement with one party but continued the trial against the other remaining party. After a week-long bench trial, the judge ruled immediately after closing arguments that Juno has title to the property.