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Acing It as a Summer Associate: Bracewell LLP’s Meredith Grant

Bracewell Summer Associate Meredith Grant participated in two summer programs in the firm’s Houston office—the first one in person and the second one remote. Grant shares her experiences with Bloomberg Law in its “Acing It as a Summer Associate” series.

In Part One, Grant reflects on how face-to-face meetings were replaced by Zoom, and how the “leave meeting” button could create an instant feeling of real disconnect, making it more important to contact attorneys to create lasting relationships.

“Each time I reached out to someone new within the firm, I received a welcoming response almost immediately,” says Grant. “I was able to set up virtual coffee breaks or evening Zoom chats with young attorneys who were just as eager to meet the summer associates as we were to meet them. The nerves that came with being a newcomer navigating a virtual workplace disappeared. I was reminded that we were all generally in the same boat, staying at home all day during a global pandemic, excited to get to know one another during our free time.”

In Part Two, Grant offers her own evergreen advice for new summer associates.

“When in doubt, lean on your mentors. Your mentors were in your shoes not too long ago and there is a reason the firm assigned them to guide you over the summer,” says Grant.

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