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$21M in Attorney Fees and Costs After Bracewell Lawyers Win Against IBM

Bracewell attorneys were awarded over $21 million in fees and costs on behalf of BMC Software Inc., in connection to a $1.6 billion judgment against IBM for fraudulent inducement and violation of a licensing agreement.

U.S. District Judge Gray H. Miller for the Southern District of Texas found that, as the prevailing party, BMC was entitled to recover legal fees and costs of $21,615,144 for the “extraordinary result” of the Bracewell team.

“The parties zealously litigated this matter at every stage, resulting in extensive discovery, protracted discovery disputes, and substantial motion practice that culminated in two weeks of trial,” Miller wrote in his order delivered on August 8.

“We took this case to trial with confidence in our team and in our case. This significant award of fees and costs underscores our success for BMC against a well-funded, intense and aggressive defendant,” stated Sean Gorman.

Gorman led the Bracewell team, along with Christopher L. Dodson. Other members of the trial team included Andrew W. Zeve, Jeff Oldham, Timothy R. Geiger, Jeremy Dunbar, Kyle A. Mason, Drewe C. Molin, Matthew J. Reasoner, Walter A. Simons and Cole A. Thoms.

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