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Update on Infrastructure Policy Reform

The President’s recent Executive Order on energy infrastructure directed new measures to improve EPA’s program for state water quality certifications—often a serious impediment to energy infrastructure. Join us to learn about the (hotly anticipated) new guidance from EPA, viewed in...

Best Practices for Agency Communications

Environmental professionals and attorneys are in constant contact with state and federal regulators, in a variety of contexts – regulatory advocacy, permitting, responding to investigations, and enforcement defense. Join representatives of Bracewell’s Environmental Strategies and Policy Resolution Groups for a...

CEQ, FERC and the Courts: New Approaches to NEPA?

NEPA is again making major headlines, with more to come. CEQ’s advanced notice of rulemaking has opened the door to potentially significant changes to the venerable NEPA regulations. FERC’s notice seeking comments on revising its Certificate Policy Statement for interstate...

FAQ: Reversal of "Once In Always In"

On February 8, 2018, ERM and Bracewell presented a webinar that took a look at the legal and technical issues related to EPA’s January 25th memo reversing the long standing “Once In Always In” policy. With this policy change, facilities that are able to be permitted as “area sources” under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act will generally be able to reduce the burden of paperwork, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements and comply with air quality requirements with greater certainty and less headache.

Click here to view a recording of the webinar.