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Section 232 Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum: What You Need to Know

Newly imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports by the Trump Administration raise significant questions about the future of US trade policy. In particular, many analysts predict that these tariffs will trigger higher prices for many businesses.

Bracewell’s Policy Resolution Group is closely monitoring developments on the new Section 232 tariffs. The team has prepared the following resources to help you stay informed about the potential implications for your business.

  • Q&A on Tariff Proclamations – The proclamations signed by President Trump include important details about the impact of tariffs on business operations. The Policy Resolution Group looks at some of the questions that companies should be considering. Download to read more.
  • Lobby Shop Podcast – On the March 9 episode, Josh Zive and Liam Donovan discuss the new tariffs and their implications for US businesses. Listen to the podcast here.

The professionals at Bracewell’s Policy Resolution Group can assist with every stage of this process, and you should feel free to reach out to us. Please email Josh Zive or Paul Nathanson with any questions.