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A Practical Guide for Multistate Employers on Managing the Growing Patchwork of Marijuana Laws

Many employers, especially those operating in a number of different states, are troubled with how to effectively cope with new and widely varying state marijuana laws. Not only are the state laws that authorize medical or recreational marijuana use proliferating, but many of the new laws include special employment protections for marijuana users. Businesses, particularly those with safety-sensitive operations, do not want to abandon their workplace marijuana prohibitions and testing programs. Please join Bob Nichols and Lauren West for a webinar discussing practical guidance on how to best manage these issues including:

  • Are there states where testing for marijuana is restricted or where a positive test cannot be used as the sole basis for discharge or a referral to rehabilitation?
  • When state laws permit employers to prohibit employees from being "under the influence" of marijuana at work, what does that practically mean?
  • How do the state marijuana use laws interact with federal prohibitions and regulations such as the Drug-Free Workplace Act, the Controlled Substances Act, and US DOT requirements?
  • How do the rules differ in some states for marijuana derivatives, such as cannabis oils, that may be used by employees?
  • What are the keys to managing these issues effectively when employing workers in a variety of different states with inconsistent laws?