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Webinar: Environmental Essentials for In-House Counsel


About This Event

Webinar: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Please join us for Bracewell’s Environmental Essentials for In-House Counsel, a complimentary webinar series on the first Tuesday of every month.  Each month, we provide a 25-30 minute, practical synopsis of a critical issue in environmental law. Whether you practice environmental law daily or have a need for general knowledge of the issues, our environmental lawyers provide a focused and frank analysis of the topic at hand. This month, we address the Clean Water Rule, which redefines federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act, affecting:
  •         Spill Planning •         Incident Reporting •         Wetland Permitting •         Discharge Permitting
  The rule will make it easier for the agencies to prove federal jurisdiction and limit the circumstances in which the agencies lack jurisdiction. It expands companies’ Clean Water Act obligations while doing little to improve regulatory clarity. In 30 minutes, with time for questions, we will:
  •         Describe how the rule changes federal jurisdiction  •         Identify how the rule affects your company's legal obligations  •         Explain how the rule will interact with other Administration initiatives to complicate permitting

Presented by: Lowell Rothschild, Senior Counsel, Bracewell & Giuliani   Questions or interested in attending, please contact Alisa Tristan.