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Seminar: Doing Business in Iran

Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP Washington, D.C. 2000 K Street NW, Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20006-1872
+1.202.828.5800 Alternate Locations Offering Videoconference in New York, Houston, Seattle, London and Dubai offices.   We hope you will join us for a special program highlighting the changing landscape for doing business in Iran. Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, President of SVB International and an expert on Iran's oil & gas infrastructure, will share her insights regarding the investment regulations both on foreign investment and on the  upstream energy industry as well as the state of the country's infrastructure.    Josh Zive, Senior Counsel with Bracewell & Giuliani, will provide an overview of the legal and political issues related to U.S. economic sanctions on Iran.   Questions or interested in attending, please contact Alisa Tristan.