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Inflation Reduction Act

Welcome to Bracewell’s Inflation Reduction Act Resource Center

When President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) on August 16, the US government made the largest investment in addressing climate change and supporting renewable energy development in the nation’s history. The IRA includes key provisions related to: 

  • carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS) projects
  • hydrogen development
  • onshore and offshore wind development
  • solar projects
  • energy storage

Bracewell is uniquely positioned to provide advice and insight on the opportunities presented by the IRA. Our government relations team was influential in shaping the legislation, and is in constant dialogue with legislative leaders and administrative officials. In addition, our lawyers are unmatched in their knowledge and experience in the energy sector.

IRS and Treasury Department Release Initial Guidance for Labor Requirements Under Inflation Reduction Act

On November 30, 2022, the IRS and the Treasury Department published Notice 2022-61 (the Notice) in the Federal Register. The Notice provides guidance regarding the prevailing wage requirements (the Prevailing Wage Requirements) and the apprenticeship requirements (the Apprenticeship Requirements and...